Christian Virtual Fellowship

Since Allegiance to the King is centered on creating a community of believers, it is absolutely important to stay connected in like-minded fellowship. For those who prioritize the truths of Scripture and the commitment to obey Jesus, finding a local body of believers is often difficult. If you do not have a church, please consider our online Christian Virtual Fellowship.


What is Virtual Fellowship?

Virtual Fellowship is, in its core, a church community that meets on Sundays and Wednesdays. We meet using a program called Zoom and communicate with the mics and cameras on our computers, iPads, and smartphones.

What is a regular meeting in Virtual Fellowship like?

Virtual Fellowship begins with an informal time of sharing, praises, Christian accountability, and prayer requests. This segment is not recorded. From there we move into a time of Bible teaching, accompanied by interaction and time for questions. The teaching and questions last usually about an hour, sometimes longer if the discussion is fruitful. Lastly, there is time for corporate prayer and the exercising of spiritual gifts.

How long do Virtual Fellowship meetings last?

Typically, they run between 90 minutes and two hours. However, if people are unable to arrive on time or if they are unable to stay for the duration, it is common for people to come and go as they please. For many of those who regularly attend Virtual Fellowship are scattered brethren and do not have a body of believers in the truths of Scripture nearby, so they relish the lengthy time spent with like-minded believers.

What are the Bible teachings and interaction like?

We record our teachings and the Q&A that follows. You can watch our recorded teachings on the Christian Virtual Fellowship YouTube page here.

What sort of teachings and doctrines does the Christian Virtual Fellowship promote?

You can see the full list of the truths we have come to accept on the “Our Truths” tab of this website.

What are the days and times when Virtual Fellowship meets?

Our church fellowship gatherings are on Sunday and Wednesday. We have two meetings on Sunday morning in order to accommodate people living in different time zones:

  • Our Sunday meeting begins at 9:30 am ET.
  • Our Wednesday night meeting starts at 7:30 pm ET.
  • There is also a Prayer Meeting on Monday mornings at 7:30 am ET.

I am not quite comfortable showing my face on camera. Is that a requirement?

No, you do not have to show your face if you are not yet comfortable doing that. The video zoom application has an option to disable the camera. It is also possible to connect to our Sunday and Wednesday meetings by calling in on your phone (which also does not require a camera). Of course, we truly want to get to know you and fellowship with you;  hopefully, you will get to the point where you will want to engage with us with the camera, but there is no pressure.

How can I learn more about getting involved with Virtual Fellowship?

First of all, you will need to download the Zoom Client for Meetings application (here). Next, reach out to us by email ( for the zoom meeting codes and passwords to join in the meetings. We look forward to joining in fellowship with you!