Our Mission

Purpose statement – “Building a Christian community of spiritually-empowered, authentic, and faithful followers of Jesus Christ.”

  • by loving others as Jesus loved,
  • by reaching out to others with the good news of the Kingdom of God
  • by teaching and conforming to the Apostles’ doctrine,
  • by reflecting Christian values through words and deeds,
  • by promoting and establishing Christian fellowship,
  • by equipping every member to fulfill their gifts and callings,
  • by servant leadership that is accountable to the community,
  • by remaining humble to learning, growing, and correction.

Strategy – We intend to accomplish our vision and mission by:

  • emphasizing evangelism and discipleship through Christian education, prophetic ministry, pastoral care, and counseling,
  • promoting church planting and developing a church community allegiant to the King Jesus,
  • supporting Christ-centered humanitarian projects,
  • creating a multi-generational and multi-cultural Christ-centered organization.

Core Values – The following are the core values we commit to upholding in word and deed:

  • Love: demonstrated by a lifestyle of commitment to the welfare and benefit of others first before self; love as demonstrated by Jesus Christ;
  • Service: demonstrated by an attitude of serving over being served;
  • Liberty: demonstrated by a commitment to the freedom of intellectual curiosity, exploration and freedom in general within the boundaries of these and other Christian values;
  • Authenticity: demonstrated by honesty and a commitment to truth in love;
  • Transparency: demonstrated by a complete organizational openness on the part of leadership;
  • Courage: demonstrated by the willingness to follow Jesus’ commands no matter what the cost;
  • Humility: demonstrated by the commitment to be in submission to one another;
  • Accountability: demonstrated by checks and balances in leadership structure, decision making and holding each other accountable to the Core Values;
  • Integrity: demonstrated by always being committed to, repenting and returning to following the descriptions of godly character given in the Bible in both public and private life.